Conditions for good use

Below you can find the “conditions for good use” of the Museum Dr. Guislain website. You accept these conditions by using this website. From time to time these conditions may be amended. If you are a regular visitor of our website we advise you to regularly check these conditions.

Privacy statement

Museum Dr. Guislain is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. The information we collect about you is used to offer you specific services which you have requested. We may also use this information to keep you informed about changes to our services, future events and developments, or to inform you about special promotional offers which we think will be of interest to you.

All information you give us is confidential and is encrypted. At this moment we do not sell or rent out information, and the Museum Dr. Guislain will never do this without a prior request for your consent. In order to prevent unauthorised use of your private information we use the strict storage and publication procedures provided by the privacy laws. Our safety procedure consists of regularly requesting a proof of identity before making sensitive information public.

By supplying us with your private information by making use of this website, or via telephone, you consent to the collecting, storage and processing of your private information by the Museum Dr. Guislain in the manner described in this privacy statement.

If you have questions or remarks concerning the information we possess concerning you, please contact us: info@museumdrguislain.be.


The copyright of the Museum Dr. Guislain website and its content is owned by the Museum Dr. Guislain. Reproduction of the material is allowed, free of charge, in any format or for any medium, for research, private study or for internal circulation within an educational institution (such as schools and universities). This is on condition that the material is accurately reproduced, not placed in a misleading context or the format amended, such as stretching, shrinking, colouring (in), or adapted in any way which also amends the original format.

Exception: The photographs which can be found under “press/for the media” are exclusively meant for media publications concerning the museum and the current exhibitions. These photographs must not be used for any other purpose.

If any of the ‘items’ appearing on this website are reproduced or copied by third parties, the provenance must always be identified and the copyright stated: example: Jean Brusselmans. Het onweder, 1938, Oil on canvas, 112 x 122cm - Collection Museum Dr. Guislain, Ostend. Photograph: Steven Decroos. ©SABAM 2011

Commercial users wishing to reproduce an image for commercial purposes are requested to contact info@museumdrguislain.be

Filming and taking photographs are not allowed in the Museum Dr. Guislain without prior consent. To obtain consent, please contact info@museumdrguislain.be

Public relations

For public relations purposes some spontaneous photographs were taken. Parents/guardians who would prefer that these pictures are not used on our website should contact info@museumdrguislain.be


You may freely link the Museum Dr. Guislain website to your personal website, blog or other channels for private use, and not for personal gain. Nevertheless the Museum Dr. Guislain requires a written application before publication of such a link on any cooperative, commercial or professional website.

Links from our website leading to other sites

Museum Dr. Guislain does not support, sponsor or endorse any information or depiction or other information published on those websites.


All efforts have been made to ensure that this website if free of viruses, but the Museum Dr. Guislain does not guarantee that this site is free of viruses, and the user is solely responsible for using recognised antivirus-software.


As do most websites, the Museum Dr. Guislain keeps an overview of certain information connected to each request you send us. This information may be used by our administration and for statistical data collection. Certain information may be published, but should this occur the information will be used in a general format which does not allow the identification of individual persons. Data may also occasionally be used to investigate technical problems, and unless it is legally claimed by the competent authorities no stored data will be passed on to third parties.