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On Jitterbugs, Melancholics and Mad-Doctors
12.10.19 - 31.12.20

Madness deranges, it throws us off balance, and makes us lose our footing. It leads us to the edge of normality. But where does the norm end and chaos begin? And who decides where to draw the line?

Unhinged, the new collection presentation, tells the story of fools, idiots and madmen, but also stresses the importance of mental wellbeing in an increasingly complex society. Through five themes the exhibition analyses that ‘other’ that disturbs as well as fascinates. For a long time ‘abnormal’ behaviour was locked up in impressive institutions, but today psychiatric care reaches far beyond those walls. The exhibition draws attention to the evolution and influence of power relations in psychiatry and tries to grasp the many labels that are a help as well as a hindrance. It brings the mind-body debate to the fore and shows how imagination gives perspective and makes the unspeakable visible.

Unhinged mixes unique pieces with compelling anecdotes, big theories with hidden testimonies. Objects, books and arts come and go. Rather than burying psychiatry in history, Unhinged emphasizes the acute importance of mental health today.

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Project Z

23.11.19 - 08.03.20

Project Z is a celebration of the loved and unloved music of exceptional artists. Enter the hall of mirrors of the distorted note, the wild universe of expression and unfiltered sound. The unheard and the unheard of. 

KRANKLAND (Eline Adam and Thomas Werbrouck) search for old and contemporary gems outside of the mainstream, in the social-artistic field, in institutes, at specialist arts centres and record companies. They look for music made from atypical perspectives, oeuvres from musicians who undermine ‘normal’ and ‘fine’ music, artists who make us question what it is like to be an artist. 

With a thick songbook under its arm, KRANKLAND invites established musicians: who feels a connection? Who is in for a challenge? Who wants to celebrate expression?

All that has resulted in unique relationships, collaborations where being different evaporates. These four unions extraordinaires get a place and installation at the Dr. Guislain Museum.

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Michel Van Dousselaere © Stephan Vanfleteren

14.12.19 - 08.03.20
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Child-Help & KASK
25.10.19 - 28.03.20

In collaboration with KASK Child-Help presents a compelling image of hydrocephalus, a silent killer as big as malaria.

The great majority of children with hydrocephaly is born in developing countries where there is hardly any access to life saving surgery.

The exhibition Underexposed brings together about 80 photographs made between 2012 and 2018 in six countries by seven photography students of the Academy of Arts in Ghent (KASK). In Poland, Bolivia, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenia and Vietnam the young photographers carefully documented the lives of spina bifida and hydrocephaly patients and their caretakers. In the photos we see dedicated doctors and physiotherapists, loving parents and patients who - despite their disability - lead an independent life. There are moments of doubt and restrained embarassment, poverty is sometimes lurking around the corner, but nonetheless these photos radiate hope.


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Nek Chand

The Cabinets

Art Collections from the Collectie De Stadshof Foundation and the Dr. Guislain Museum
11.02.20 - 30.04.21

Art is an essential part of life. It touches us, stimulates our imagination and makes us reflect about mankind and society. Because of its virtuosity and expressiveness, art can be shamelessly beautiful and evoke a sense of awe.

Contemporary museums exhibit work by professional artists. Few museums focus on collecting and exhibiting work from original talents, people who did not get the opportunity to study art or who are not part of the regular art circuit for one reason or another. They are usually artistic loners, nonconformists, who make unorthodox choices in terms of the materials and techniques they use. Their motifs are often personal. Their works are intense and unique.

The Cabinets provides a platform for ‘solitary creators’ whose work will be arranged in changing presentations: recent acquisitions are exhibited, vulnerable works are returned to the depot and new themes are addressed.

The Cabinets is a collaboration between the Collectie De Stadshof Foundation and the Dr. Guislain Museum. It presents works of some thirty different artists.

The Museum Dr. Guislain’s collection started off with a small collection of visual art created by artistically-gifted psychiatric patients and mentally challenged persons. In 2002, the collection in Ghent expanded tremendously with the internationally acclaimed collection of De Stadshof Collection Foundation, which is on long term loan. This top-of-the-bill collection – from naïve art to art brut – has more than 6,000 pieces by nearly 400 outsider artists such as A.C.M., Herman Bossert, Nek Chand, Paul Duhem, Luiz Figueiredo, Madge Gill, Siebe Wiemer Glastra, Bertus Jonkers, Pavel Leonov, Bonaria Manca, Markus Meurer, Michel Nedjar, Oswald Tschirtner, Willem van Genk, and August Walla.

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