Imagine the Brain | Imagining Human

For the past few weeks, the first year students of iArts Maastricht have been creating works inspired by the collection ‘Unhinged’’ in museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent. Categorized under the themes architecture, power & powerlessness, body & mind, classification and imagination, Unhinged is a presentation of the story that lies between the walls of the building that the museum is housed in, namely a mental hospital. It explores the question: What is psychiatry and how might we imagine a museum of psychiatry? And questions the position of psychology and psychological well-being in a society that is growing more and more complex. 

Museum Dr. Guislain combines scientific and ethnographic research with research in arts, culture and all the facets of social and medical history, which laid a great base for iArts students to build their own paths of (artistic) research on. Multiple visits to the museum led to individual explorations on the topics of the brain and mental health and spending time in the building, learning about its history fueled them artistically and showed them the many different approaches they could take to the topics at hand. Additionally, attending a lecture on a possible connection between creativity and madness by Dr. Louis Sass helped them further develop their own ideas toward the creation of their artworks. 

Initially intended for an exhibition in Museum Dr. Guislain itself, we kindly invite you to experience our works on this digital platform as a result of the current COVID-19 situation. We hope to exhibit the many different directions each of us took within this research and hope you enjoy our final works.

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