Encountering the Other

22.04.21 - 16.05.21

Encephalon… The area of the central nervous system includes all higher nervous centers enclosed within the skull. A metaphor for connection. Our brains are comparable to a network that is constantly connecting and interacting with every other system in our body. We, as iArts students we want to explore the mysteries of the mind.

Iarts is a community of multidisciplinary artists. Bringing together artistic research and creation, the community aims to promote projects created and realized through artistic leadership guiding the application of social and cultural aesthetics. Within the framework of the project: “Imagining Brain, imagining human”, we want to discover the connection between the brain and the urge of creating. We will try to understand why we make art and what is the reason for the urge to make art.

This project will be in collaboration with the Dr Guislan museum of psychiatry in Ghent, a collaboration that will help us combine scientific and ethnographic research with artistic and cultural research. Moreover, we will work on different products and processes related to the link between psychiatry, arts, culture, society, and philosophy. The themes of the project are inspired by the museum’s exhibitions such as: “Body and mind” and “Fascination with the other”. It should be noted that the museum hopes to succeed in proving that ‘psychiatric disorders are not purely medical. Socio-cultural and ideological structures can dramatically determine our attitude towards mental illness. The goal of the Dr Guislan museum goes beyond the history of psychiatry. The exhibitions and the other activities are questioning the distinction between normal and abnormal.

A project that will invite us to meet new people, new places, new acquaintances. Art can be the place of a meeting with others. Encountering with others is in our human nature. This has always been a fundamental experience for our species. Therefore, the topic of our project “Encountering With the Other” will allow us to explore the connection between humans and how do we perceive each other.

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